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After the death of my Grandparents this past fall- a lot of my work has focused on their passing, the concept of death, and what is left behind after one’s departure from earth. I believe this focus has been out of necessity. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel as much of an art process than a grieving process. The following images are a juxtaposition of the house that they lived in with 8mm footage from 60 years of their lives on tape that I made digital last semester.

I also wrote a ten page paper on the grieving process which took a turn for a short film once the footage was accessible. The link to the video in this post will take you to, GoodbyeHelloGoodbye.


Video Projects and Installations

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Below I am including my link to my Vimeo page where you will find several of my video installation projects. All of the installations/videos that are shown as of right now are for classes from my time here at MIAD. There are more personal projects on the way.


you will find the following videos,


This installation is a piece that evolved from trial and error. The actual footage of the installation includes different close ups of water and streams of sunlight. In the video on Vimeo you will see the water spilled on the floor reflects the video upside down onto the wall. The piece becomes interactive when the water is touched, the movement of the water can too be seen in the projection on the wall.

Another video you will see is, Anxiety 

Anxiety is a piece that came from my first assignment in my Video 1 class. The assignment was a Public Service Announcement. I took a different approach to the assignment, instead of raising awareness about an issue I wanted to evoke a feeling of anxiety through focusing on nervous ticks, heavy breathing, and anxious actions.

Split into two videos you will find the Opposite Project which includes Sunrise and Drown. 

This assignment started with a “process” project. I chose to do an underwater video piece (Drown) where I attempted to show the frustration and struggle between a clear mind and a foggy mind. The quietness of the water either is soothing or overwhelming. Then we were asked to create an opposite to that, thats where Sunrise comes into play. The contrast of the cool colors of the pool and the warmth of the sunset, flying versus swimming, human versus animal, etc… You will also see an example video of how they were projected next to each other when installed during critique.

Foundations Year MIAD

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This blog post is a collection of my main milestones throughout my foundations year.  Throughout the course of the year as patterns repeated  I realized my work consisted of  textures, layers, fragmented memories, the idea of home, the use of light, and integrating materials.

    Space Forms And Materials Wire Sculpture  Space Forms And Material Wire Sculpture Detail

Layered Scene, Illustration Board, Watercolor, Ink

Layered Scene, Detail

Group Installation, What Do You Believe In?

What Do You Believe In? Detail

Observational Drawing/ Workspace

Kitchen Still Life, Water and Ink

Observational Drawing, In Class Ink

Materials Piece, Integration and Intersection. Eggshells, Plexi, Cedar Panels, Light

Collaboration piece with Found Object, Old Printmaking Desk. Instead of completely altering its history I decided to highlight its flaws, bumps, and bruises. Valuing its story and where it comes from.



An illustration of the light within the dark. The good within the bad. Peeling back the layers to the skeleton.

Past Multi-Media Works

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Besides from photography early in my artistic interests I started to experiment with multi-media and different mediums.  Some of these are from the end of my Sophomore year and go through the end of my Senior year of high school.

Feed Me To The Fire. 4 1/2 feet x 3 feet (i think?) Multimedia.

This piece was chosen to be exhibited in the Capitol Conference Art Show of 2010.

The Rose. The Hunter. The Nurse. These three pieces above are for my Mother, my Grandmother, and my Great Grandmother who has passed on. These gouache paintings are dedicated to these women. The Rose, for my Great Grandmother Rose who still remains dear to my heart after our special connection when I was so young. The Hunter, for my Mother’s Mom, my Grandmother, who used to be quite the seashell hunter during her days on the beach. She would wake up early every morning in Florida to go out searching for unique and beautiful treasures. And finally, The Nurse. Which is dedicated to my Mother who has been a caretaker for over 25 years, giving her best to her patients.

Goodbye Is The Hardest Part. Gouache . 12×16

Untitled Fibers Piece. Branches, Yarn, Beads. 

This is funny. I got chosen to paint a ceramic cat for the Green County Humane Society Fundraiser and as part of my reward I took the cat in and we had to take photos together. Ha! My mom has this picture framed and on display in her home…

Connected. Gouache. 20×20

The Grass Is Greener. Multi-Media. 11×14

The Wanderer’s Daughter. Self Portrait. Watercolor. 16X20

This piece is very important to me. When I was a Junior in High School I submitted this piece to the Capitol Conference Art Show among the many students that do within our conference. I was selected by judges to move onto the art show from our high school. And when at the opening ceremony of the Capitol Conference Art Show, May 2009 I received an honorable mention for the hair that is purely text.

Burn. Multimedia on Canvas. Ripped and Burned Letters, Written Text In Grass, Watercolor, Pen. 12X16

C’est La Vie. Multimedia/Two Panel. 2, 8X10

Untitled. Self-Portrait. Watercolor. 12X16

Two Thousand and Ten Photography

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Much like the last post, this is a continuation of photos that I took mostly in my Senior year of high school. Some of my favorites.


Faded Happiness. 2010. Model, Cathy Knapp. Digital Layered Image.

The South Bound Window

Lightning Strikes. 2010. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Image.

Flash. 2010. Digital Image.

The Clone. 2010. Model, Cathy Knapp. DIgital Image.

This Is The Thing. 2010. Digital Image.

In The Street. 2010. Model, Natalie Morgan. Digital and Photoshop Image.

Brother. 2010. Models, Cole and Ben Schmitt. Digital Image.

Walk The World. 2010. Digital Images. Two Set.

Two Thousand And Nine Photography

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This gallery starts back with Sophomore year in high school. This is a small collection of the many, my personal favorites. I became interested in photo shoots with friends to try to convey certain emotions, using the self timer setting on the camera to capture a story when I didn’t have the words to describe how I was feeling, and experimenting with a very inexpensive form of photoshop where I tested layers, color changes, mirror or doubled images. Mirrored images being subject matter that I would very much like to return to and explore more.

Shadow’s Cast. 2009. Model, Ariel Applebeck. Digital Image.

White Out. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Image, Enhanced.

It All Goes Up In Smoke. 2009. Digital Image, Enhanced.

The Takeover. 2009. Chicago. Digital Image, Enhanced.

Shelter. 2009. Models, Natalie Morgan and Carl Pratt. Digital Photoshop Image.


Cringe. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Image.

Together. 2o09. Models, Natalie Morgan and Carl Pratt. Digital Photoshop Image. 

Lake Air. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Image.



70 Keys. 2009. Science Lab NGHS. Digital Image.

Hold You. 2009. Model, Natalie Morgan. Digital Mirrored Image.

Right Foot Forward. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Layering Image.

Start Of The Goodbye. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Photoshop Layer/ Digital Image.

Hide. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Digital Image.

Mistaken. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Mirrored Digital Image.

Unblind. 2009. Model, Jenna Knapp. Underwater Digital Shot.

Screaming Reflections. 2009. Model, Natalie Morgan. Photoshop  Digital Image.

This one is where it all started, when everything clicked.


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Starting this blog the summer after Freshman year at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design has been a chance to reflect on the work that I have done before attending MIAD. This blog is meant to someday be for updating current works, but I believe it is important to know your history. And see where a person is coming from. Starting all the way at the beginning.